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Gupta Filters is continually expanding Donaldson’s product line of fuel, lube, coolant and air intake filters for diesel engines – along with exhaust, hydraulic, transmission and bulk tank filtration solutions.

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Air filtration

On-road or off-road, in all kinds of operating environments, Donaldson air filtration technology protects engines, delivers longer filter life and gives you the confidence that comes with using the industry leader.

Donaldson has pioneered the development of nearly every major advancement in heavy-duty engine air filtration since 1915. We set the standard for filtration performance. For more product information, check out our Air Filtration data library.

Donaldson Brand Replacement Filters, Air Filtration Technology Solutions, Extended Service Replacement Air Filters, Air Cleaners, Pre-Cleaners, Intake System Accessories

Coolant filtration

Rust. Scale. Debris. Your engine battles them. And when it loses, you pay. Your cooling system keeps engine temperatures at the right level to dissipate heat and maintain the right operating conditions for optimal fuel economy. Donaldson coolant filters remove contaminants, minimize the risk of filter plugging and keep your engine running efficiently. Balance is the key in Coolant Filtration.

Coolant Filters, SCA and SCA+ Coolant Additive Filters, Maintenance Coolant Chemicals, Coolant Chemical Test Kits

Donaldson blue

There’s a new standard in heavy-duty engine filtration — Donaldson Blue™. Now the very best Donaldson technology across a wide range of engine and bulk fuel filtration applications will be easy to recognize — they’re all blue.

The Donaldson Blue line includes proven technologies like Ultra-Web® nanofiber media for air filtration (the original air intake nanofiber) and new technologies like Synteq XP™ media, which is a game changer for Tier 4 fuel filtration.

With more than 150 air intake, lube, coolant, and on-board fuel filters — plus advanced bulk fuel filtration systems that clean fuel before you pump it into your equipment — Donaldson Blue gives you the broadest premium coverage of any filtration brand. You can trust Donaldson Blue filters to clean in the harshest environments.

Extended Service Air Filtration, Donaldson Blue Off-Road Air Filters, Donaldson Blue On-Road Air Filters, High Efficiency Fuel Filtration, Extended Service Lube Filtration, Extended Service Coolant Filtration, Clean Fuel Solutions

Fuel filtration

Today’s engines are built to more stringent specifications and finer tolerances. Fuel systems, pumps and injectors require cleaner fuel to achieve better combustion and lower emissions. That’s why the latest advances in filter media can make the difference between engine power and engine problems.

Fuel Filters, Primary Fuel Filters, Secondary Fuel Filters, Fuel Filter/Water Separators, Donaldson Twist&Drain™ , Synteq for Fuel Filtration

Gas turbine systems

Our products and services support the Power Generation and Oil & Gas Industries by providing comprehensive filtration solutions to increase energy efficiency and generate more megawatts to meet the world's ever-growing energy needs.

Hydraulics Filtration

Donaldson develops, manufactures, and markets a full line of mobile hydraulic filters for the protection of machinery and components in hundreds of heavy duty-mobile equipment applications. When you need hydraulic filter assemblies, filter heads, replacement spin-ons and cartridges or hydraulic accessories, Demand Donaldson!

High Pressure Filters, Medium Pressure Filters, Low Pressure Filters, Accessories, Replacement Filters

Lube filtration

Oil is vital to your engine’s moving parts. It lubricates, removes heat as it circulates and flushes contaminants out of the engine. Donaldson lube filters keep engine oil clean by capturing contaminants that can cause engine damage. New engine designs require finer filtration than older engines. Increased engine emissions control and tighter tolerances within the engine require high efficiency filters.

Spin-on Lube/Oil Filters, Full-flow Filters, By-pass Filters, Cartridge-style Filters, Donaldson Endurance™ – Extended Service Filters, Synteq™ for Lube Filtration.

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